Scottdale Sesquincentennial

Anniversary Celebrations, Past and Present

Scottdale 150th AnniversarySince Scottdale’s incorporation in 1874, our community has celebrated anniversaries just about every 25 years. The first anniversary, 1899, was quieter than celebrations we know today. It boasted the explosive growth the town was experiencing in its first quarter century with a commemorative book. But what it lacked in parades and parties, it made up for with new business features, tales of the Grand Army of the Republic, and stories of a swelling population.

The 75th in 1949 and 100th in 1974 stand out the most in our history and feel much more like anniversaries we’d recognize. The 75th anniversary rode the waves of patriotism following the end of WWII in 1945 and made for one exciting celebration. Bunting and 75th anniversary banners lined the streets for a memorable parade. There were tours of businesses, special performances, and yes, even a Mardi Gras event.

The centennial 25 years later lives on in the memories of many in our community today. This milestone brought new appreciation for our past and led to events like the Coal and Coke Heritage Festival, today known as our Scottdale Fall Festival. As we take a closer look at past anniversaries and look forward to our 150th, those past celebrations are actually quite similar to our own.

In 1949, the celebration lasted just over a week. Parades, bargains in town shops, “antique displays,” banquets, and other events filled the town. We are now taking that same spirit and stretching it across a whole year. Instead of all new events and programs, you will find the excitement of the anniversary in so many town events, organizations, and buildings. It will march in our parades. It will join the merriment of Start the Season in Scottdale this December. It will be displayed with our history at the old Scottdale Savings and Trust building on Pittsburgh Street (next to Somerset Trust.) You will find it in a cookbook, historical talks and tours, performances, contests, and more. Each milestone has brought another 25 years of history to celebrate and a new generation to celebrate it. How will you celebrate Scottdale’s 150 years?

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