To All Our Business Community Members:

We provide many activities for people to do each year for three days in September. They can listen to live entertainment, taste great food or shop for unique craft items.

Our Official Program Guide is one way we showcase the local citizens and businesses in the area. This year’s program will be filled with new and improved qualities just like last year’s. Again we are looking at having a 28 page program, with a new color cover. Approximately 2,000 copies will be made and distributed throughout the community. Like last year the programs will be handed out during the festival and also available in local businesses a week before the festival. Each year the festival is well attended and we expect this year to be the biggest.

Returning for 2024:
Ads will be placed at the bottom of the official Scottdale Fall Festival web site. Thousands of potential customers can view your ads, while you only pay a small insertion fee. For the first time, customers can view your ads all year round on the Scottdale Fall Festival Web Site. Also, if a web site address is provided customers can go directly to your web site by clicking on your ad. The attached papers show prices and sizes of ads. This is a great opportunity for your local business to be in the spotlight.

The program is for the Scottdale community and an item that the community will save for many years. In addition, if there is something you would like to see in the program or an improved please let us know. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at

Submit your ad copy before August 1st for the Scottdale Fall Festival by submitting this form.


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