In 2018, the Fall Festival celebrates it’s 44th year and is proud to say that we now have 3 and 4 generations attending together, as an annual homecoming.

44 years of tradition is an amazing run, preserved by dedicated support from our community volunteers, our business sponsors, and the generous donors who have shown commitment to keeping this free event alive and available for the entire town to enjoy.  Most attendees couldn’t imagine and aren’t aware that our vendor fees cover only 50% of our $30k in costs each year.

The price for our quality, family entertainment, activities,  and our other event expenses, such as security, tent rentals, hay bale seating, and port-a-johns, has skyrocketed over the years.

Won’t you support this staple celebration and help us to provide this event that can be enjoyed by all?

We welcome all donations and are happy to talk about creative sponsorships, especially if there is an aspect of the festival that holds a personal memory for you.

Thank you so very much,
The Scottdale Fall Festival Committee


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