Festival Scholarship Application



The Scottdale Fall Festival committee, a subcommittee of Scottdale Borough, created this $500 annual student grant with revenues generated from the annual community festival, held the third weekend of each September. This grant will be awarded annually to a Southmoreland senior who has been both a good student and an involved community member. Upon enjoying the success of their early adulthood (be after high school, military involvement or post-secondary/tertiary education) awardees are encouraged to contribute to the grant fund to ensure its continued growth which will help other young Southmoreland students.

Please provide the following contact information:

Grant Application
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1. Full Name *
2. Birth Date *
3. Parent/s or Guardian/s Name/s *
4. Address and Phone Number *
5. Email *
6. Class Rank and GPA as of grade 11 *
7. Name of college attending *
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9. 1. List your school activities years of service/membership/involvement.
10. 2. List your community activities & years of service/membership or involvement.
11. 3. Write an essay discussing your feelings about young people being involved in their communities. Share your experiences.
12. 4. Explain why you are proud to call Scottdale your home.
13. 5. Discuss any ways you think Scottdale (or the Scottdale area) community can be improved and how to implement those changes.
14. 6. How will you include Scottdale (or the Scottdale area) in your future?