The Scottdale Fall Festival Presents:

A LuLaRoe Ball!

You spoke and we listened! 

Now, on Saturday, September 16, we invite all local LuLaRoe businesses to participate in a special event featured at the Scottdale Fall Festival this year.  It will be one of the largest local Pop-Up Boutiques, ever! 

When:  Saturday, September 16, 2017
Where:  Loucks Park Ballfield & Pavilion
Vendor Setup:  8:00am to 10:00am
Sale:    10:00am to 6:00pm
Psychic Readings will be available in the park brought to you by Synergy Soul Center.


Loucks Park Space LuLaRoe BALL -  Vendor Name Facebook Page:
LLR-1 LuLaRoe Elaina Lynch LuLaRoe Elaina Lynch
LLR-2 LuLaRoe LeighAnn & Kylie LuLaRoe LeighAnn and Kylie
LLR-2 LuLaRoe Amy Lewis LuLaRoe Amy Lewis
LLR-3 LuLaRoe Holly & Julie LuLaRoe Holly & Julie VIP
LLR-4 LuLaRoe with Elizabeth Po LuLaRoe with Elizabeth Po
LLR-5 LuLaRoe Heather Conway LuLaRoe Barn Door Boutique
LLR-5 LuLaRoe Sondra Williamson LuLaRoe Sondra Williamson
LLR-6 LuLaRoe Tricia Pettit LuLaRoe Tricia Pettit
LLR-7 LuLaRoe Lauren Edmonds LuLaRoe Lauren Emonds
LLR-7 LuLaRoe Vicki Heidi LuLaRoe Vicki Heidi Shopping Page
LLR-8 LuLaRoe Cyndy Mathews LuLaRoe Cyndy Mathews
LLR-8 LuLaRoe Chelsea Ann Manyak LuLaRoe Chelsea Ann
LLR-11 Synergy Springs Soul Center Synergy Springs Soul Center Inc.
LLR-Trailer 1 Lularoe Lorie Donato Lularoe Lorie Donato
PAVILION LuLaRoe Jen Funnell LuLaRoe Jen Funnell
PAVILION LuLaRoe Rosine Dull LuLaRoe with Rosine


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